“Bulletins From the Edge” and “I Even Dream in Haiku” are two collections of poetry films that represent the culmination of a year of The Great Margin project and our wider research into creative writing ecologies. Founded on an ethos of collaboration and integrity, The Great Margin was launched in March 2020. The project was facilitated through a series of flash initiatives and partnerships, which moved rapidly to support isolated and marginalised writers. Through poetic language, the individual perspectives of these writers on the recent past, present, and future were interpreted and explored. By sharing these writings, this created a sense of a shared community and broadened understanding of how to support writers within online environments. Both film collections were directed by Bambo Soyinka in collaboration with writers who shared their work with The Great Margin. Bambo Soyinka was, also, the Principal Investigator of the research underpinning these two projects. The supporting research field notes playfully introduce some of the processes, challenges, approaches and ideas that informed the co-development of these two collections of films.

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