Conversation 114: So You Think You Read That Haiku… by Keith Evetts

1 Like me, you’ve seen all those recommendations to read lots of haiku or senryu if you want to write good ones.  So, you read them.  But do you ‘really’ read them?  Or just scamper through…. 2 These little verses are made up of so few words that each one must count.  The author chose them carefully.  It’s not that … Read More

Conversation 113: THE DAILY HAIKU: Themes from 25 September to 22 October 2021

1 Here is a month’s worth of our themes and prompts for you to revisit again, showcase your favourites, share with friends not on social media and post new haiku. 2 This month we had our first monthly challenge to produce humorous ku and you delighted us with your creations.  Favourites were selected by Comedy director Andrew Gillman @andrewgillman and … Read More

Conversation 112: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Madeleine Vinluan

1 I first wrote a haiku in secondary school, about 45 years ago, picking up not only its math but also its poetic non-rhythm. Sadly, after 4 haikus – which only my English teacher and classmates read – I hid the art away in my heart. Although I loved it I didn’t think that anything serious would come out of … Read More

Conversation 111 THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Elsje Winnubst

  1 Hello. Elsje Winnubst here . I live in Auckland, New Zealand. 2 I have always loved the form of haiku but have only seriously written haiku in the last year since I joined The Daily Haiku. I joined TDH to hone my skills in haiku and learn as much as I can from other haiku poets. I enjoy haiku in all its forms and appreciate … Read More

Conversation 109: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 28th August to 24th September

Revisit a month of themes on THE DAILY HAIKU to write new haiku, showcase your favourites when you look back on this time and share with friends who are not on social media. Daily Themes OLD CLOUDS CONTOURS DISTANCE APOLOGY HOLLOW/EMPTY SMALL MELODY BLACK & WHITE FONDNESS GLASS REGRET BREAKTHROUGH LANGUAGE TASTE SAIL MASTERPIECE TEA THE BODY SMELL SUBTLE MAPLE … Read More

Conversation 108: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Martin Grimshaw

1 1 One of the joys of The Daily Haiku is reading the haiku of others and the way this prompts my thoughts and memories, and sometimes a haiku of my own to add to the conversation, which now seems a quite natural thing to do; I have read that indeed the original Japanese poets often effectively wrote to each … Read More

Conversation 107: THE DAILY HAIKU interviews: Fred Mason

  Introduction I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of TDH, although my exposure to it is most likely different from most of the group.  I am an old relic now,  having grown up in mid-America in the state of Indiana during the 1950’s.  When I was a young schoolboy, I discovered the magic of books, which greatly expanded my horizons.  … Read More

Conversation 106: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Bidyutprabha Gàntayat

1 I am a poet ,writer and translator who served as a professor teaching chemistry for 34 years in government colleges. Now retired I am concentrating on writing. 2 I write in free verse in my mother tongue, English and Hindi and translating vice versa; having published around 23 books of poetry, short story and translation. 3 In 2014 I came … Read More