Conversation 110: As Facebook goes down THE DAILY HAIKU is rescued by The Great Margin and Twitter


Today FB disappeared from my screen and phone, of course like many people I thought it was something I had done.  So I rebooted, switched on and off, downloaded a new FB app, pressed refresh… and still nothing.  Then the #facebookdown began trending on twitter and news reports started filtering in of a huge outage across not just FB but its other babies Instagram and WhatsApp.  In order to keep THE DAILY HAIKU online and keep our engagement going during what I am sure will be a temporary closure on FB I am turning to our beloved platform The Great Margin and on Twitter @TheGreatMargin so we can keep haiku-ing, connecting and staying creative.


So whilst FB is on holiday do share your haiku in the comment thread here.


For those who had not already had the time or opportunity to enjoy our DAILY THEME for 4th October there are two:




Lost seems especially meaningful given the loss of connection.

Our Weekly Theme is WINGS

Our Seasonal Word is RAIN.


We have a photo prompt for the week#12 from Jennifer Gurney which was chosen by Annie Wilson because: “I love the jewel-like colours on this messy artist’s palette – they make me think of spring flowers and blue skies. I can just imagine the energy with which the artists creates her joyful paintings – we can see some fo them scattered on the floor. It makes me want to go and put bold strokes on canvas. Many of us use artworks to inspire our haiku. I hope this behind-the-scenes photo also sparks the imagination.”  What does this photo inspire in you, share your haiku here in the comment thread.



Remember we have a new MONTHLY CHALLENGE to post humorous ku – favourites to be selected by a comedy genius, so give us a laugh or a wry chuckle and post your offerings below.


For the 5th October

Our Daily Theme today will be:





And if you are still in the need of a haiku fix do visit all our other 109 blogs on The Great Margin including our last monthly round-up of themes including some special bonus themes only to be revealed on the blog.

tant 4

Not being able to simply check and post as I would normally do on THE DAILY HAIKU group on FB has reminded me how much I enjoy connecting through creativity with you all.  We have become a thriving community who enjoy creating and connecting together – a life line. I hope to see you, those of you who can connect here and on twitter.  Do add your messages and thoughts too as well as your haiku.


If anyone wants to start a renga please do or suggest other themes.  Wishing you all well and look forward to your posts. Let us know how you are.





3 Comments on “Conversation 110: As Facebook goes down THE DAILY HAIKU is rescued by The Great Margin and Twitter”

  1. thank you for this, Amanda – relieved to find that normal-ish service has been resumed! 🙏🙏❤️

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