Conversation 112: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Madeleine Vinluan

I first wrote a haiku in secondary school, about 45 years ago, picking up not only its math but also its poetic non-rhythm. Sadly, after 4 haikus – which only my English teacher and classmates read – I hid the art away in my heart. Although I loved it I didn’t think that anything serious would come out of it, even though as a youth I’ve secretly dreamt of having my own published book.
At the age of 60 I got to write my 5th haiku — here at the TDH on May 20, 2021– the day I joined.
The piece simply sprung out from deep within me as it carried with it the joys of my 4 haiku days, like a little bird being let loose from its cage and feeling the significance of the moment while still feeling the security of home.  Despite an abundance of feelings the image I chose to accompany the haiku (or not) is that of a peaceful cottage with placid waters and lush greens. And I wrote:
As long as a place
like this exists
our souls will
remember Heaven.
I realize now that in my inner mind the haiga points to TDH which proved to be my poetic family, my learning and training home, and the springboard for venturing out into the poetic circles.
Notably, TDH was also the place where my love for poetry first found  resuscitation.
I still remember my heart leaping when my 5th haiku received its thumbs up and hearts! Many thanks to the first ones who gave me their comments and reactions, my prized possessions.
And did I find the confidence to join other groups? Yes, I did!
So much so that I also found the courage to submit pieces to journals.
However, things didn’t go completely rosy.
I submitted entries to a few magazines which didn’t quite hit the mark.
But on June 21, 2021 the creator of Cherita, Ai Li,  accepted my first submission. It is now included in her October issue, 5:5, titled Dream Book. To date, Ai Li has accepted 52 of my original Cherita for her publication from October 2021 to September 2022. I really have to thank three persons for practically bringing me to Ai Li’s front door: Goda Bendoraitiene, Alan Summers, and Wendy Houser Blomsent.
On June 22, July 9, and July 21 three of my moon poems were published in the Cold Moon Journal. Thanks to Editor Roberta Beach Jacobson and a TDH member who posted the link which I followed.
The dream of one day owning a book with my name on the front cover has shown its wistful head again! I don’t really know whether I’d get that book or not, but I am definitely here now:
at the crossroads
waiting to be changed—
from dreamer
to a published one
I am just so grateful to TDH — the haven, the little heaven, for existing for all of us who can now dare to call ourselves poets, and for ‘poets’ like myself, who have and do not have the  dream!
And thank you very much Ms. Amanda White, all TDH Admins and Moderators, and all members for making The Daily Haiku exactly what it is.
God bless!

6 Comments on “Conversation 112: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Madeleine Vinluan”

  1. Oh Madeleine what a joyous interview thank you so much. I am so glad that TDH has awakened your love for haiku and all its related forms most notably the Cherita which has also brought with it publishing success. Well done and well deserved. You were always a poet and now most importantly really feel it which is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your work here too and also for your wonderful photographs on TDH too. As you know I have always offered that opportunity for us to express ourselves as writers in a holistic way by using images too. Happy haiku-ing, happy writing and here’s to the future. Wonderful.

  2. Thank you so much!
    I love your response — it gives me more confidence.
    May the Almighty God bless and keep you always!
    Much gratitude.

  3. Dear friend Madeleine,

    A nice read to get to know you more and your love for Haiku alive again. Like me just having heard of the old frog pond the little light onHaiku got boosted again through TDH and feels just great living daily on this platform.
    Best wishes for your dream, may it be realised soon.

    Warm regards,

    Hla Yin Mon

  4. Wonderful read, Madeleine! A celebration for us all to have found this space, and be able to experience and rediscover this simple yet complex way of expression! I’m still green, but I don’t feel afraid to step out and up to the plate and bat a few every day. What an inspiration to read your conversation! And how incredibly freeing it feels to interact with others and get support/feedback or see a little emoji by our haiku! Making friends as we go! Thank you for letting us/me know just a little more about Madeleine Vinluan!

    1. Thanks very much,
      Ms. Connie! I love reading your Haiku.

      And may more people join as here to enjoy TDH like we do!

      Happy Poetry Day today and all days.
      God bless!

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