Conversation 12: WRITING HAIKU – First week of Themes from the New Year


Here is a round-up of the week’s themes to inspire you to write haiku.  I always enjoy the reveal of finding out which theme or themes have made top spot on our daily, weekly and first line renga polls.   Do enjoy playing with the prompts and see where they take you.   Our helpful guideline is 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables but this is not a rule so please do experiment.

FINDING JOY IN WINTER (This was our weekly Theme which changes every Saturday)







WRITE YOUR LIFE IN A HAIKU! (This was also a separate prompt)





Pick n’ mix free choice (maybe look back over past themes) take no more than 10 minutes to write a haiku

1st Line Renga: LOOKING UP I SEE (Start each haiku with this first line and try different versions, taking time to mull over your options in between)


To inspire you further I am including some advice from two of our members on writing haiku that was posted on THE DAILY HAIKU

From Stan Phillips: “Maybe just read the words of haikuists of old. Basho, Isso and others. See what they write. Equally be inspired by some of the excellent guys on this site. But, when all is said and done, trust yourself and go with your own flow.”


From Keith Evetts advice in haiku form:


In a quiet place

simply start thinking. One thing

leads to another


don’t think ‘poetry’ –

your original thoughts themselves

make the reader think


seventeen syllables

just the maximum number

not a straitjacket


once in a while

we all come up with something

others will enjoy!

4 Comments on “Conversation 12: WRITING HAIKU – First week of Themes from the New Year”

  1. Belated ‘Finding joy in winter’ haiku, written for a friend’s birthday, in response to her photos of the wild part of Cumbria where she lives.

    Dawn light glimmers through
    snow-laden trees on fellside.
    Winter beauty blooms.

  2. #tea or cup of tea

    her Irish mother
    served our black tea sweet and strong
    first sip brings her back

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