Conversation 17: THE DAILY HAIKU Week’s Themes 9-15th January 2021

Here is a round-up of the week’s themes from 9-15th January to inspire you to write haiku.  I loved the description in Phil Barnett’s interview of the reveal of the themes each day carrying the excitement of an advent calendar.  Do enjoy playing with the prompts and see where they take you.   Our helpful guideline is 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables but this is a guideline not a rule so please do experiment and be inspired by discussion threads here and on THE DAILY HAIKU about haiku.

LAUGHTER  (This was our weekly Theme which changes every Saturday)









Joni Mitchell’s song RIVER was our first musical prompt to be used to inspire a haiku


1st Line Renga: moon on the water or winter evenings (Start each haiku with this first line and try different versions, taking time to mull over your options in between)

Thank you to Judith Railton for introducing a new form the emojiku or haikoji to make a haiku from emojis that can prompt different interpretations

Weekend Haiga: Respond to these four seasonal images to create HAIGA combination of haiku and image (check the blog on HAIGA for more details






To inspire you further I am including some advice from two of our members on writing haiku that was posted on THE DAILY HAIKU


Stephen Bayliss:

I sometimes start from an image, so I stockpile pictures that make me think or laugh.

Ah! Glad you came back.

I think I need a little help,

if you have the time.

Also don’t think it has to be profound just bashing a passing thought into this compact form is rewarding in itself

60 second haiku

Blue chases grey outside

as the winds blow clouds along.

Spirits lift and fall.


Wendy Houser Blomseth:

Like Stephen Bayliss. I am taking photos with my mobile phone when I’m out walking. A good exercise is to stop and feel what is drawing you to a specific composition? Feel it for a couple minutes first. Then take the picture. And simply put into words a short poem using your experience with any of the five senses and/or your emotions at the moment.

3 Comments on “Conversation 17: THE DAILY HAIKU Week’s Themes 9-15th January 2021”

  1. Sharing my favorites for this week is a lovely opportunity to remember the emotions that came up while I was composing them.

    creating keepsakes
    so others remember me
    when I am gone

    slate gray skies sprinkle
    small white coconut flakes while
    cardinal visits

    ribbon of light
    gift wraps the day
    each day a present

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