Conversation 27: WRITE HAIKU: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 23-29 January 2021


Here is a round-up of our themes and prompts on  THE DAILY HAIKU this week and a chance to repost your favourites, write new ones, share with friends, also spread more haiku love and creativity.  Our starting point for writing haiku is 3 lines of 5/7/5 syllables but this is a guide not a rule. Do explore adding photographs, artwork, music, sketches or other links to your haiku too.

Two of our popular strands are the Friday Night Renga and Midweek Slow Renga and here is a blog exploring this form with personal experiences of taking part in renga and here is the link:

Weekly Theme: SILENCE (one of our favourite all time themes)

Bonus Theme: LOSS








CHOOSE AN OBJECT FROM YOUR ROOM and write a haiku about it


Musical prompt: ‘Three Little Birds’ by Bob Marley


First line renga lines to start haiku with BUBBLING WATER or WITHIN THESE FOUR WALLS

#WalkWithMe is an ongoing posting of a new feature to share a video of a walk  for people to respond to with a haiku and share their own walk videos which can prompt haiku in turn. This could this be called Vaiku?



This is our Haiga Prompt from last weekend with another chance to respond to this image and write a haiku with the photo or a new photo and haiku or a stand alone haiku.  For more insights into Haiga go to WRITING HAIKU: HAIGA – Where Image and Haiku Meet and be inspired by Marion Clarke’s wonderful examples and knowledge.

Some helpful advice from John Lanyon which help you get into haiku and have a go.

Also read his interview here:

A way into haiku. Spend time on your own in nature. Take your notebook. On one page record what’s happening in the natural world and on the page opposite record your emotions. Do this for a few weeks and then look for connections or contrasts and let the words come to you. Don’t chase too hard. See what fits together easily.

Decide if you want to be a rigid 5/7/5-er or whether you will just accept the lines that come. I think it’s generally better to avoid humour, abstraction and the obvious but you can make your own mind up. Learn all you can about Japanese culture (gardens, food, aesthetics, art, spirituality).

I think the whole secret of creativity is removing the blocks rather than learning a new skill.
I’d also say that being in a group in a great help because it gives your work a place to go and knowing that there are other people doing what you are doing in their own way stops it seeming something weird or out of the ordinary. There is no pass or fail. There is no one to please. It’s not school.

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6 Comments on “Conversation 27: WRITE HAIKU: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 23-29 January 2021”

  1. Some favourites of my own haiku from this week:

    we drift through dark days
    a convalescence of days
    yearn for cloudless skies

    within these four walls
    ornaments plot their escape
    we emerge undated

    within these four walls
    a half remembered stanza
    love letters and wax

    within these four walls
    armchairs sink into themselves
    cushions keep secrets

    this vase
    we turn the crack to the wall
    remember wholeness

    a father
    counts the skims from a stone
    thrown by his son

    tightlipped sky
    mizzle dampens drowned moorland
    I covet your silence

    on the same path
    yet somehow we forget
    where we have been

    wild ponies
    white horses on the sea
    magic in the air

  2. Disappearance

    the sigh
    rips thine heart’s teeth out; then,
    flies and flies.


    an oak butterfly
    swathes the ball in velvet through
    the long coarse carpet.

    An old clock (An object from my room. For my grandfather.)

    tik-tok the dead clock,
    tarnished and yellowed, paints
    in silver my dreams.

  3. My favourite haiku ( that I have written) from 23rd – 29th January, 2021.

    The Daily Haiku – 31st Weekly Theme, Silence.

    where has the silence
    of my mind gone – full of fears,
    my ego has moved in.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.


    The Daily Haiku – 312th Theme, Clarity.

    A moment of clear
    thinking amongst all the strife,
    is a rare gemstone.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.


    The Daily Haiku – 31st Weekly Theme Silence 4

    one hundred thousand
    deaths, the total yesterday,
    sad beyond all words

    ©🦊V8xenOfVerse, 2021.

    The Daily Haiku -/314th Theme, Falling.

    From arthritic hands
    third cup this week is falling;
    pieces form jigsaw.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021

    The Daily Haiku – 314th Theme (3rd)🎼🎶 Musical Theme, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

    Three little birds sit
    telling us not to worry;
    oh my, talking birds!

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.


    The Daily Haiku – 315th Theme, CHOOSE an OBJECT in the room and write a haiku about IT/London

    Purple, white and green,
    Suffragette colours to show,
    what the vote cost us.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    Bonus Theme – Loss

    loss is hard to bear
    at times, but memory keeps
    our loved one alive.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021

  4. across the border
    oranges tucked away … safe …
    while the baby sleeps
    #791stHaiku #fruit #conniepittmanramsey
    01/23/2021-CPR 11:09am/CT Irving, TX/US
    within … a knowing …
    between order and chaos
    lives the flow of Tao
    #796thHaiga #chaos #conniepittmanramsey
    01/25/2021-CPR 2:37pm/CT Irving, TX/USA
    broken-in … au pair
    ready for the long journey
    old soles separate

    favored color blue
    adventures … secret laughter
    paths only soles know

    divided by feet
    taken off … placed by the fire
    old soles play catch-up
    #425thHaiga #friendship #conniepittmanramsey
    11/3/2020-CPR 4:06pm/CT Irving, TX/USA
    my hope is we all
    say what’s on our minds and hearts
    in our haiku group
    lift ones if they’re feeling low
    lift higher our joys
    #38thTanka #friendship #conniepittmanramsey
    01/28/2021-CPR 1:14pm/CT Irving, TX/USA
    object in the room
    found it hard to put in words
    turned out to be me
    #814Haiku #objectinroom #conniepittmanramsey
    01/29/2021-CPR 7:01pm/CT Irving, TX/USA
    above the wine shop
    home to Texas Embassy
    left an unpaid bill
    #807thHaiga #london #conniepittmanramsey
    01/28/2021-CPR 9:42am/CT Irving, TX/USA
    in 1986 Texas finally did come to pay their debt 😊
    3 little hatchlings
    try their wings … in a few days …
    fledglings on their way
    #806thHaiga #3littlebirds #conniepittmanramsey
    01/28/2021-CPR 1:08pm/CT Irving, TX/USA

  5. well, shoot! I forgot to include “loss”. Here it is.

    loss of appetite
    message through the telephone
    no one there to hold

    #817Haiku #loss #conniepittmanramsey
    01/30/2021-CPR 4:04pm/CT Irving, TX/USA

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