Conversation 33: WRITE HAIKU: Themes from THE DAILY HAIKU 30th January – 5th February 2021


As we leave January and enter February with Orion shining at its brightest in the night sky be inspired to write haiku from our smorgasbord of themes, prompts and activities featured this week in THE DAILY HAIKU.  This is also a chance for those who have already written haiku on these themes to showcase their favourites.  Something I enjoy doing is writing out themes on a pieces of paper, folding them up and then picking them out from a hat and going with the choice.

Enjoy engaging with the featured writing workshops in the links below.  I would particularly urge you to share them with anyone who has not written creatively before and they work with any age group.  They are a fun way to explore creativity and connect, as Sébastien Revon discovered when he experienced the shell workshop with his six year old son and shared the wonderful results.

Weekly Theme: EYES

Bonus Theme: KINDNESS

Daily Themes:








Pick n’ Mix pick your own theme and write haiku in 10 minutes using your own theme or being inspired by past themes

Weekly Musical Theme:

Leonard Cohen, ‘Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye’ Link:

1st line renga write haiku using these first lines either ‘the feeling of frost’ or ‘awake at midnight’


Writing Workshops featured on The Conversations this week: A Fantasy Garden.

and Writing Warm-Ups and @TheGreatMargin and @amandawhite10

5 Comments on “Conversation 33: WRITE HAIKU: Themes from THE DAILY HAIKU 30th January – 5th February 2021”

  1. A selection of the haiku I wrote this week

    thou shalt not covet
    yet I do – that lemon tree
    in Anna’s garden

    careful planters hands
    seeds placed like the way he played
    piano piano

    Arm in arm we find the words
    We need in the sand

    the old cherry tree
    grows in the garden next door
    lends me its blossom

    the feeling of frost
    wakes from warmth – angry silence
    do what you are told

    sea mist at Trevean
    dreams of Japanese gardens
    my own quiet space

    take time to take
    the time to make the most
    of the time you have

  2. on an old tin tray
    tiny hands make a garden
    pebble bridge too

    twig trees cast shadows
    on jam jar lid pond
    proud gardener toils

    young eyes see acres
    stretch out before her now
    pretty dress dirty

    lollipop stick tools
    plastic animals roam free
    blythe goddess with smile

    sherbert dip sunset
    marshmallow clouds sugar spun
    sweet end to her day

  3. My favourite haiku from 30th Jan – 05th Feb 2021

    32nd Weekly Theme: Eyes

    with eyes to see and
    ears to listen, I see and
    hear the wind’s wild song

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.❤🧡💛
    317th Daily Theme – Shadows

    in the recesses
    of my mind, stealthy shadows
    creep – imperfection.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
    32nd Weekly Theme, Eyes 2

    blue, green, brown, hazel,
    eyes have so many colours
    windows to the soul.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
    Random Haiku Theme No 15 – Imbolc

    Imbolc celebrates
    the tiny shoots of life and
    Brighid’s constant flame

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    Imbolc blessings to all.

    318th Daily Theme, EPIPHANY

    my eldest son had
    an epiphany, shocked
    by his perception,

    I have not seen him
    since, nothing makes  sense, logic
    of Aspergers.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
    319th Daily Theme, Time

    did time come with the
    big bang, with the sun and moon
    or with the first men,

    time counts our seconds,
    minutes, hours, days, weeks and years
    from birth to death.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021
    320th Daily Theme, Pick & Mix, 10-minute haiku
    Theme – Missing

    so much missing in
    our Covid life, no hugs no
    personal touching.

    it separates us,
    can make us depressed, lonely,
    out on the edge.

    where the world is grey,
    rainbow colours fade and die,
    leaving us – no tears.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
    32nd Slow Renga (2)

    awake at midnight,
    mind releases darkling words-
    frozen shards of ice.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    321st Daily Theme – Garden.

    my garden would have
    wildflowers, sage, rosemary,
    basil and parsley.

    I would grow mugwort
    for tea, bougainvillaea for
    memories of Spain;

    Jasmine, lavender,
    Hydrangea,a silver birch
    or two and willow;

    hawthorn bushes and
    I would grow blackberries and
    blueberries to eat.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.
    32nd Weekly Theme – Eyes 4.

    our eyes are precious,
    they show us the world’s beauty,
    and man’s destruction.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

  4. My favourites 1 January to today 7 February are all by others:
    Amanda White:
    a father
    counts the skims from a stone
    thrown by his son

    This efficiently and subtly conveys a father’s engagement, pride and interest in his son’s achievement, in a transient moment both will remember.

    Amanda White:
    laughter lines
    I have your eyes
    now she has mine

    Another cracker, reflecting in a few short words on ageing, iheritance and humour

    Stan Phillips:
    The small bird that sings
    flying joyous in the clouds
    does not know its name

    How much there is in this “simple” little haiku. Humankind’s relationship with the rest of nature is contained here. We name it and know it’s the skylark, and we attribute the human emotion of joy to its singing. Yet the skylark doesn’t know its name and just gets on with it. Or does it….?

    Ann Smith:
    in the looking glass
    a blue tit glances – smitten
    a geisha dances

    Perfect- two complimentary halves of a haiku, in balance, gentle, elegant

    Michael Augustin:
    dead fly on my desk
    killed with an anthology
    of love poetry

    Irony in the best tradition of Issa (“All the time I pray to Buddha / I keep on / killing mosquitoes”).

  5. Of my own, maybe just this one from the pick and mix themes:

    this winter night
    the branch where the blossom was
    now bears a moon

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