Conversation 4: THE DAILY HAIKU INTERVIEWS: Connie Pittman Ramsey


First of all, I couldn’t ask for a better group.  Amanda’s insight for starting it, I KNOW, has been a life-saver for me.

Covid has hit most people, if not all of us, hard.  The reality we all have taken from this monster is it’s here and it’s not going away anytime soon.  It has made us have to face the fact that life has changed as we know it.  Before I steer too far from what has been asked of me and that is to introduce myself is …


My name is Connie Pittman Ramsey.  I was brought up in West Texas in small towns.  Born in Levelland, moved to Goldsmith for my early years and then on to the “big city” of Odessa where my teenage years were formed.  Freedom surrounded me as long as I was home for supper.

I was given a piano at the age of 5 and immediately took to it.  An only child until I was 10, it served as my constant companion.  We didn’t have much money, but mom saved enough each week for piano lessons, which helped shape my destiny.

Luckily the first music given had simple words for melodies which I know took me right in to singing (my poor momma) which at the time I didn’t know would help me to be an excellent sight reader of music.


I have always been pulled to writing.  A long story short, I wound up going to Nashville, TN where I was fortunate enough to tour with some famous (although troubled) recording artists.

I went on to sign with a publishing company who wanted 10 songs (good or bad) per month!  It was a good exercise and they would decide which songs to be demo’d.  I got to work among the best professional musicians in the business.

Bottom-line, life has taught me a lot and writing helped keep my ‘channels’ open.  My process usually starts with an emotion whether it’s personal or knowing someone who is going through something.  Even a movie, song or a picture can evoke feelings to explore within myself.


I am pretty raw when it comes to emotions because I do believe they run the show whether anyone wants to believe it or not.  I also believe they can play tricks on us and lead us down empty paths.  The main goal for me is to find peace within or ‘aha’ moments I might need to work on.

Back to Covid.  Covid is why I am here in TDH.  If not for Amanda’s vision, I would be stuck inside a body and wondering “When is this ever going to end.”  With haiku … oh!  And by the way, I only started writing haiku late September 2020.  I am by far a novice, but I’m okay with that.  It’s MY process.  Criticism, I love, because I believe it’s to help me open up even more.


The rules are loose in this group, but still give structure (which we all need) with Themes and 5/7/5 (which is only a guide so we don’t run off the page or out of ink.  😉

The MAIN thing is to give yourself a voice so you can hear/feel what’s going on inside.  Take the pen/keyboard and let it flow!   It may be hard at first. It can be difficult … kind of like learning how to walk or talk.  It’s a process. But you can do it.  Enjoy!

I am going to write here my first haiku and my last (last night).  As for a favorite, I really haven’t thought about it.  They are all children of my mind and you know how the mind can be … just like children … unpredictable … but then hey!  that’s ok.  We love them anyway.


1st Haiku

very first haiku

enveloping … surrounding

whatever comes in


(RIP John)

violent mem’ry

on this sacred day I cry

tears to heal the wounds

#583rdHaiga  #johnlennon  #conniepittmanramsey  (a haiga is a haiku and a picture combined)


link to one of my original songs with piano/vocal 

13 Comments on “Conversation 4: THE DAILY HAIKU INTERVIEWS: Connie Pittman Ramsey”

  1. Wow Connie, what a talented lady you are! You have a beautiful voice. I love you haiku and I just think it is wonderful that we can all meet up from all parts of the world. Great to find out a bit more about you Connie. As ever thanks Amanda. Xxx

  2. Loved the entire post Connie, the song is lovely. Reminded me of my radio show which was called ‘Thanks for the Memory’. It’s been a couple of years, but good to be reminded of it.
    You’re a star Connie, and a precious part of our group.

  3. Beautiful to hear a little about a life behind and embedded in the Haiku’s I have read of yours Connie – thank you.

  4. Hi Connie I love your writing and your energy is infectious, this is a brilliant insight and the song just beautiful. x

  5. I love the stream of consciousness openness of Connie’s response and your wonderful turn of phrase. The song ‘Thanks for the Memories’ is a fantastic attachment, as too are your haiku, first and last. I love the way you refer to the haiku as your children, ‘unpredictable… but we love them anyway’ I feel we could all learn a great deal from this approach, to be more accepting and go with the flow when writing rather than tightening up and/or stressing about what we share. There is such warmth, spirit and energy in this interview that makes me feel like I have had this conversation with you, right in front of me, meeting for the first time and getting on like a house on fire.

  6. Connie, I so enjoy your haiku, your enthusiasm and honesty. It’s great to get to know you better and read your lovely haiku all the way from Texas to my armchair.

  7. Loved this Conversation Connie – so interesting to hear about your processes, thank you for sharing this. And the children idea is great: taming unpredictability into some kind of order through the form. Loved the song! – what a talented person you are.

  8. I am a big fan of your poetry and your singing Connie 🦋
    Such a positive presence here on TDH thank you for your contributions 💐

  9. Thank you everyone for all the love and support here at TDH! Amanda, you are a guiding light for so many people trying to find the pulse. I am so at home here because I do not in anyway feel I have to be on my guard because I know it’s a learning experience and also an emotional ride that I can get on and see where I am at any given moment. Thank you for this opportunity. I feel reborn into a world I can deal with.

  10. Lovely to read your interview, Connie. O always enjoy learning how people come to be who they are. And the song is great, as is the singing.

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