Conversation 44: What Do We Call A Collection of Haiku Writers?


After several creative call outs on THE DAILY HAIKU these are the suggestions for what we are as creators of haiku and its many variations.  The second call out also included the aspiration to create a tea towel inspired by your ideas. And as always you excelled with oodles of insane creativity.

Haiku writers does seem a little clunky as a general description and included in the suggestions are ways to describe ourselves too including the traditional Japanese description of Haijin.

Thank you to all those at THE DAILY HAIKU for your brilliant offerings and do add more in the comment thread or pick out your favourites, maybe a top 5:


As a collective term I find it interesting that we are as much a collective verb as a noun, indicating that we seem to identify as active and engaging haiku creators in line with Stephen Fry’s thoughts “I am not a thing – an actor, a writer – I am a person who does things – I write, I act – and I never know what I’m going to do next. I think you can be imprisoned if you think of yourself as a noun.”


Firstly Popular ones that crop up more than once are highlighted here in bold, interestingly they tend to focus on the Sonic aspects of Haiku:

Stan Phillips

A Simplicity of – – – –

A Complexity of – – –

An Editorial of – – – –

Maybe we need a motto as well? THE HAIKUISTS ‘Our Days Are Numbered’

An Amandaration of Haikuers

Thesaurus of Haikuers

An XV11 of Haikuers

An Obsession of Daily Haikuers

A Calculation of Daily Haikuers

A Confusion of Haikuers

A Nipponese of Haikuers

A Zenith of Haikuers

A Hygge of Haikuers

A Ramble of Haikuers

A Contemplation of Haikuers

An Uncategorisible of Haikuers

Gloria Whitney


Christine Mitchell

A Source of Haikuers

A Praise of Haikuers

Frank Tassone

A Kigo of Haijin

Mandy Macdonald

A Quilt of Daily Haikuers

A Buzz of Haikuers

A Frogpond

A Croak

Mary Alexander

A Whittle

Ross McGivern

A Scribble

Phil Milette

A Filigree of Haiku’ers

A Vuelta of Haiku’ers

An Apogee of Simplicity


A Head Scratch of Haikuers

A Window of Haikuers

Rajeshwari Srinivasan

A Theme

A Hum of Daily Haikuers

William Dean Ford

A Haka?

A Syllabus


Mary Ray Goehring

How about a Presence of Daily Haikuers

Jim Lamey

A Thought of Daily Haikuers

A Hope of Daily Haikuers

A Heart…

An Electricity of Haikuers

Lisa Farley

A Prose

Doug Tanoury

A Whisper

Don Cromer

A Clutch

Daniela Cross

A Deliberation or a Ponder

Brian Thompstone

not entirely useful: there is a “counting word” in Japanese for Haiku – it’s “ku” (I think). even less useful, if you know nothing about japanese language this aspect might blow your mind: . So: Kudos to all non-native Japanese speakers for getting their heads round that one. Hmm. How about a “Kudos” of Haiku-ers ?


A humm? Of Haiku

Michael Ray

An Uncertainty

Sébastien Revon

First people who do haiku are known as haijins But if we go with it why not ‘The Haikaddicts’

Maybe we can be Magicians of Haiku… If only…

Andre Rostant


Andrew Goodison



Lyntha Nelson



Steve Lancaster

A Countdown of ….

Hamish Mcleod

A Weave of Haiku-ers

Su Ryder

A Polysyllabic of Daily Haiku ers

Judith Railton

A Creativity of Haiku-ers

A Web of Haiku-ers

A Cooperation of Haiku-ers

An Exhileration of Haiku-ers

A Freedom of Haikus

Julie A Dexter

A Quorum of Haikuers

Basia Korzeniowska

A Halo of Haikuers

Barry Cottrell

A Flurry (small swirling mass moved by sudden gusts of wind) of Haikuers

Susan Lindsay

A Flash of Daily Haiku

A Flush of Daily Haiku-ers

Heather Maîr

A Facebook (obvs)

Vivienne Tregenza

A Humdrum of Haikuers

Frank Colley

A Syllable

The Five Seven Fives

Rowena Sommerville

A Syllable

Robert Fraser

A Hike of Haiku-ers

A Huddle of Haiku-ers

Dan Poe

A Gorgeousness of TDHesses

A Bore of Haiku Traditionalists

A Silliness of Some TDHers

A Bouquet of Amanda’s Blossomers

A Squiggle of Daily Haiku three-liners

A Selfie of Haiga Honchos

A Sympathy of Haiku Widows

An Alternative of Daily Chores

An Abbreviation of TDHers

An Edit of TDHers

A Super-spreader of daily haikuists

Elsje Winnubst

A Poesy of Haikuers

Kathrine Geoghegan

A Superorganism of Haikuers

Marjorie Mascolino

A Convergence of Haikuers

A Creative of Haikumaniacs

Richard Downes

A Renga Ring of Haiku-ers

A Pen

Neil Liddington

A Murmuration of Daily Haikus

A Psycho of Haiku (Because anyone can take a stab at it…? Even in the shower)

A Lockdown of Haiku-ers

Or maybe Inglorious hi-koo’rs

(not famous or renowned. “inglorious though the peasants may have been, this is not synonymous with mute”)

Michelle Baharier

A Link by Letters

Floats though. The third eye creating words

That commit to paper

Deb Jacobs

A count. I can’t write a haiku without counting on my fingers.

Stephen Bayliss

A Bubbling of Haikunauts

A Derangement

Sara Head

A Rhythm of Haikuers

Teresa Roper

A haiku recipe? Would be nice for a tea towel.

A Hive of Haikuers

A sillybubble of haikuists

A Hallelujah of Haikuers

Laura Frances Martin

A Vista of Haikuistas?!

A Word of Haikuistas

Carolyn Saunders

A Puzzle of Haikuenaise

Susan Bartlett

A Rhythm of Haiku-ers

A coup of Daily Haiku-ers as in (coup- an instance of successfully achieving something difficult)

Susannah Gisby

A Concentration of Haikuers

Janet Lynch

A Hiatus of Haikuers Haikuing Hilariously

Pam JT Zinnermann-Hope

A Genie of Haijin

Cathy Thomas-Bryant

A Syllable of Haikuers or a Concentration of Haikuers

 Patricia King

Hasty Haiku-ers

Nicky Hetherington

An Epiphany of Haikuers

Chloë Bates







Tony Wager

A Distraction of Daily Haikuists

Leslee Hackenson

A Phrase

Tom Fox


A Number

A Heft

A Murmur

Margaret Deans

A Congregation of Daily Haikus

An Embrace of Daily Haikus

Wendy Houser Blomseth

A Hug of Haikus

James Rooney

A Cloudburst of Haikuers

John Lanyon

A Moment of Haikuists

The Basho Street Kids

Bidyutprabha Gàntayat

Haikuists on zoom

Carolyn Crossley

A Circle of Haikuists or Haikuistas

An Anserine of Haikuists

A Haiga of Haikuists

Fred Townsend

a myūzu of haikuists – myūzu is the Japanese word for muse.

A Prophecy of Haikuists

Alan Summers

A Scare of Daily Haiku-ers

Teresa Ritzinger

A RHYTHM of Daily Haiku-ers

Art Silverman


Connie Pittman Ramsey

A group of frogs are called a Knot of Haiku (a new word for me) or Knots of Haiku

a Covey of Haiku (birds)

A Pond of Haikuests/Haikuestas/Haikuers

I still like the one I did a while back… ‘The Haiku-kuers’ or ‘The hai-Tea-kuers’

Ted Millichap

A haiqueue?

A Thumb and Finger of Haikuers

Sarah J Bryson

A Concision of Haikuists


A Murmuration of Haikuists 

A Cacophony of…

A Gaggle of …

A Mindset of ….

Jill Lillis

A Count of Haikuers

Beata Czeszejko

An Adequate Picture. Every haiku should be a picture.

Sandra Regan

A Verse of… or An Anthology of…

Lynda Flint

A Tapestry of Haikuist

Denise Sparrowhawk

A Syllabub of Haikuists

Don Morley

A Huddle of Haikuistas

Yin Mon Tha Tun

A Breeze/Whistle of daily haiku-ers

Plants/flowers of daily haiku-ers

A Tree of Haiku, branches and leaves ever increasing

A River of Haiku, ever flowing

A Garden of Haiku, trees and flowers ever growing and blossoming

After suggesting I wanted to create a Tea Towel of our suggestions:

The Spices of Haiku

Cups of Hai-Tea

Word Jugglers!!!

A kitchen/pantry of Haiku, where everybody cooks, boils, bakes, roasts all sorts of Haiku

Catherine Leach

Syllables of

Hai Ku Ers

Amanda White

A Query, A Hum, A Worry, A Skittle and A Theme of Haiku-ers

A Spell of Haiku

A dot dot dot of Haikumaniacs

A Haggle of Hakuems

A Syllabub

A Kudos of Haikuists

An Upstart of Haikuistas

A Quandary of Haikuaries

A Season of Haikuists

A Difficulty of Haikueens

A Fruit Loop of Haiku nuts

A Blossom of Haikuans

A Broiling of haikums

A Suitablity of Haikuems

Penny Lowery

A Susurration of Haikuers 

Or what about An Enjambement

A Syntax

Damien Carroll

A Murdur of Haikuistas

Bruce Jewett 

A Kigo of Haikuers

Will Riding

Just a Team. 5-7-5 looks like a pre match pundit diagram on MOTD. Though I don’t think there are 17 players in a football side…

Lucy Newlyn

A Dilly-Dally of Daily Haikuers

A Hive of Haiku-ers

Mike Jones

A Distraction of Daily Haikuers

Antoinette Wilcox-Mclean

A Stuck of Daily Haikuists

Les Payne


Gilla Evans

As a Haiku often links things that might not otherwise be put together, how about a Concatenation of Haikusts

Keith Evetts

A Seasoning, An Earthshake, a Thimble, An Acorn, A Hearbeat, An Instance, A Nestle…. A Handreach, A Larksong, An Eyrie, A Palmful, A Flicker, A seeding, A Capsule, A Helix….

A Lamp Rub

A Moonful of Haijin

A Hearth of Haikuans

A Hack, A Horde, A Boiling, A Concentrate, A Blossom, A Frogspawn, A Google…

…. Pity that a murder has already been taken by crows.

Hokum of Haikums

A Breath of, An Ethereum of, An Essence of, An Expression of, A Trident of…

Haikuards, Haikulians, Haikuligans…

A Hatful of Haijin

A Cupful of Haikules

Shower of Haikoids

Era of Haikusaureans

Instance of Haikuities

Moonful of Haikuseans

Spoonful of Haikusagers

Panful of Haikusages

Phil Isherwood

A Syllabub

Vivien Eliades

A Tanka of Haikuars

Marion Reynolds

A Haka of Haikuers

Alan Mee

A Pentaseptasyllable of Daily Haiku-ers or a Basho of Haiku-ers

A thoughtfulness of Haikuers

James Barnsley

The HiWho

David E Navarro

The Huddle of Daily Haikuists (or Haiku Poets [each one])

The Hubbub of Daily Haikuists

The Roar of Daily Haikuists

The Aura of Daily Haikuists

The Vibrations of Daily Haikuists

The Essence of Daily Haikuists

The Collective Soul of Daily Haikuists

The Electrovibrosity of Daily Haikuists

The Synthesis of Daily Haikuists

Liz Mills

A Syllable of …?

I’ll get my coat

Lisa Jonston

A Dedication of Haikuers

A Pensivity of Haikuers?





14 Comments on “Conversation 44: What Do We Call A Collection of Haiku Writers?”

  1. I’m overwhelmed of Crediton!
    but of all these the one that stood out was ‘concatenation. ‘… because of the way we are linked by this process!

  2. ‘A Haiku Interchange’ ?

    … being a verb and a noun

    When I did theological studies 20 years ago I wrote an essay once entitled ‘Church is a Verb’

    1. As we go about our day observing the world a little more attentively it does help as a distraction technique and it brings moments of joy too. I hope the better weather eases your pain. Mine us worse in extreme cold or heat and when the weather suddenly changes.

  3. too many choices
    I certainly can’t decide
    waiting for Top Ten

    BTW I certainly didn’t start
    out writing this post with the intention of composing a haiku.
    It wrote itself.
    I am simply the fingers on the keyboard.

    Haiku Hostage
    you can add this to the list. LOL

    Wendy Blomseth

  4. A Breath of Haiku or Haikuers (couldn’t tell who this is from) this is my number one. Wanted to write this one myself, but it was already posted. 😉
    A Hug of Hakuers (Gloria Whitney)
    A Hum of Daily Haiku (Rajeshwari Srinivasan)
    A Murmuration of Daily Haiku (Neil Liddington)
    A Coo of Haiku-kuers or The Haiku-kuers (Connie Pittman Ramsey)

    There’s quite a few more I like, but I think these are my favorite. Haiku on!

  5. A Hug feels like it really resonates with our wellbeing aims and outcomes. I like a psycho which connects with our openness within the group to express our feelings. A sillybub hooks into our penchant for hilarity. A Contemplation – our more meditative side. Love an essence – where we want to get to, a haiku nirvana perhaps but a focus on the process. A Tree of Haiku is beautiful and perhaps even a forest. An Edit of Haiku and all other craft terminology seems to also tap into the features of writing haiku. A Lamp Rub is great too and I love the magical aspect to haiku, also the happenstance of it. Bravo to one and all for your suggestions.

  6. I’ll go for Amanda’s Fruit Loop – with many a guffaw.

    Hmnnn…. a guffaw of senryuans..?

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