Conversation 51: Themes from THE DAILY HAIKU 27 February – 5 March 2021

It was WORLD BOOK DAY this week on the 4th March. I am filled with memories of dressing my children as various characters from Alice in Wonderland to Winnie the Pooh to celebrate this important day. Sadly this year many celebrations, like much else in life, will be online. It reminds me that many children and young adults here in the UK have missed so much by not being in school, college and university this year due to Covid19.

What are the books that mean so much to you past and present? If you had to pick 3 books to take to a desert island what would they be?

Here is the round-up of our themes this week, marked by our first Season Word which will now form a regular feature. Enjoy revisiting the themes, showcasing favourite haiku, write new haiku and share with those who are not on social media.




The Beginning

Rough or Smooth?



Inspired by a Work of Art



Pick n’ Mix 10 minute Haiku Challenge: Our Once A Month chance to pick your own theme or find some from the past to inspire a quick haiku without thinking too much.  A chance to go back through some of these round-up blogs to explore themes from this year too.

SEASON WORD#1: BLOSSOM This was our first week of a new regular feature.

Do read the accompanying blog and add your Season Word suggestions.

MUSICAL THEME: Write a haiku inspired by IMAGINE by John Lennon

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5 Comments on “Conversation 51: Themes from THE DAILY HAIKU 27 February – 5 March 2021”

  1. always the sea
    even when missing
    you are there for me

    each ribbon curl
    still keeps your touch close
    edges the loss

    a glimpse of brief meaning
    from falling blossom

    the real trick
    notice the reveal nature
    magics each day

    our full stop to the day
    credits roll

    cul-de-sac bridesmaids
    puffed sleeved cherry trees – waiting
    to throw confetti

    after all our words
    I missed your reply
    stood by your coffin

    let this view
    do the talking

    always returning
    to words I left somewhere and
    forgot to write down

    old seas
    older stones
    break my bones
    (written with my son on a walk at Zennor and a discussion about which is older stone or sea)

    the cherry tree
    remembers its words again
    whispers blossom

  2. (a discussion with my husband about ‘awe’ … when we are speechless … this is what came up for me) in 17syllables.
    there are no words …
    for even if there were ……
    there would be no need for them …
    her tear-stained cheek lay
    on the words he wrote to her
    absorbing his love
    sea … me
    ebb … and flow …
    you can live without me … can …
    … i live without you?
    broken shards of glass
    drift and tumble with the waves
    polish junk to jewels
    rough on the outside
    mysteries revealed inside
    heart of ev’ry thing
    young cherry blossoms
    pink snowflakes against old skin
    breathe in the last Spring
    in D.C. you dance
    pink petticoat canopies
    two-week show in Spring
    he brings red roses
    not seeing she loves daisies
    blooming in the yard
    history’s witness
    a peek into “how it was”
    leaves many questions
    ribbons and ribbons
    of rivers and streams and love
    living waters flow

    1. What a beautiful sequence of haiku Connie. I love the conversations that are sparked with our friends and family from the group and your haiku about words is sublime.

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