Conversation 55: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 6-12 March 2021

Here is your weekly round-up of themes, prompts and blog posts on THE DAILY HAIKU. Write new haiku, share with a friend not on social media and share your favourite haiku.

I am thrilled by the rich diversity and inspiration of THE DAILY HAIKU Reading List – that’s my year or three or twenty sorted. Do keep adding your suggestions across all genres and disciplines.





Impromptu Theme responding to International Women’s Day: WOMEN International Womens Day








Thoughts on a Cold Day

Be inspired by a proverb


A Chance to write haiku that starts with either

The Folded Sheet


In Darkness

Take time to mull over each haiku, the variations around a theme that these lines suggest which will encourage a deeper contemplation.



MUSICAL PROMPT: The Sound of Silence by Simon & Garfunkel

HAIGA: Respond to these images with haiku. Useful blog on Haiga

3 Comments on “Conversation 55: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 6-12 March 2021”

  1. On reflection some favourites from the week marked for me by International Women’s Day

    Pick that apple
    Before it falls – shine it up
    Take a great big bite!

    the day hangs ajar
    betwixt rainbow and showers
    an egret shrugs

    I had to get out
    sew myself some distance
    listen to the cold

    in darkness
    slow slowing black
    crow dreamed
    (inspired by listening again to UNDER MILK WOOD read by Richard Burton)

    the folded sheet
    every last crease of it
    matches your last smile

    once upon a frog
    jumped into an old pool
    the sound make haiku

    Fake news alert! Don’t
    pin your original sin
    on me and my kind.

    marmalade sunrise
    the taste of missing you
    each morning

    hard to hear against
    the din – but note the primrose
    her quiet wisdom

    ‘neath each rose its thorns
    tis in the untamed tangles
    that life’s real sting lies

  2. (cabin)
    she sits waiting
    for the next stranger
    seeking refuge
    even the warmth of the sun
    couldn’t deny her
    another day done
    warmed by his love and the sun
    kisses from both men
    he could not get through
    no matter how hard he tried
    so he went around
    reflections … mirrors
    looking back at me and you
    having a good laugh
    still brimming with life
    the old pond feels young again
    as the lotus blooms
    would haiku exist
    if the frog in the old pond
    never made a splash?
    warmth of Spring rain
    gentle showers feed the seed
    bursting to be seen
    (the folded sheets)
    the folded sheets
    await the “shake” … with secrets
    only lovers share
    (on children/kahlil gibran)
    I hold them with love
    Knowing they will leave this house
    Into the unknown
    (in darkness)
    in darkness I seek
    light … invisible wavelengths
    bright as all my dreams
    (thoughts on a cold morning)
    I sip my hot tea
    Slowly without intention
    The bones creak less now
    youth awakes
    the old pond
    a lotus buds
    (internation women’s day) (warned this Tanka did NOT mean to take off your Covid mask, but to take the ‘other’ one off)
    let the mask come off
    reveal and revel freedom
    so others can heal
    stand naked and dare the ones
    who cover up their dry bones

    Busy week, Amanda. Thanks, as always!

  3. Echoes

    Looking back through time
    I see my growth restricted
    By tasteless bullies

    Here in black and white
    A written record of shame
    For how they behaved

    This group of pond slime
    Who pushed, pulled hair and punched me
    They have no names now

    The pond iced over
    My thoughts are clouded over
    Hello my old friend

    A slice of time
    Remembered most un-fondly
    I’ve put it away

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