Conversation 39: 64 Million Artists Weekly Challenge LOVE Haiku Bite-Sized Workshops


This week at The Great Margin and The Daily Haiku we have been asked to set the Weekly Challenge (#TheWeeklyChallenge) for the marvellous and inspiring 64 Million Artists. No surprise it is to create a haiku with or without images around the theme of LOVE, one of our top ten all time favourites!

Here are some ideas for creating Love Haiku.

Word Association

Set a timer, say 5 minutes, the time it takes to boil a soft to hard egg! Write down anything and everything that LOVE brings to mind, don’t over-think, just get it down. At the end, highlight your favourites, maybe choose 5. Then choose your absolute favourite and there is a starting point for your haiku.

Object Association

Set a timer, say 10 minutes this time, enough time to take a shower! Collect physical objects around you that you LOVE and put them onto a table.  Arrange them.  Photograph them.  Choose your favourite 5. Then your favourite one.  This can inspire your haiku with or without image. You may also choose to draw or paint your object.


Go on a walk outside your front door. Collect some natural objects, eg, leaves, flowers, stones, shells.  Again photograph them.  Also video any of your favourite scenes on the walk.  This is your starting point for a haiku.  Describe what you see in the video and photograph.  Focus on the senses.


Choose a favourite photograph in your home, on your screens and describe what or who you love about it and why.


What do you love to eat. Share a recipe, a meal,  a picnic. Describe the tastes, the occasion, who if anyone you were with and this is the starting point for your haiku. Pancake Day coming up fast on the heels of Valentines Day so that might be a start.


Where would you go if you could go anywhere?  Think about a fantasy place you have never been and write a haiku about it then write about a favourite place (with or without images) this maybe inside a chair by the fire or a bench by the sea…


What did you love as a child?  Is it still what you love now or has it changed? These reflections can form the basis of a haiku with or without images.

Land Art

Find a place outside, garden, park, beach, moor, street – where you can recreate a haiku with stones, writing in sand, a combination of natural objects, found objects, chalk on a pavement. Maybe a message about kindness, sharing love, something inspiration that others will happen upon in these difficult times.


Send a postcard about your life to yourself in a haiku listing all the things you love about your life.

What is love?

Use the questions from the WHAT IS HAIKU TO YOU workshop but swap in the word love and see what comes out.


Send a Love Haiku in a text

If you were sending a text to someone you love in a haiku form what would you say? 3 lines, 5/7/5 syllables a guide not a rule.

Opposites Attract

Think about what you DON’T LOVE this can often be how we find out what we do LOVE.




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7 Comments on “Conversation 39: 64 Million Artists Weekly Challenge LOVE Haiku Bite-Sized Workshops”

  1. Love

    no need to go further
    my only home
    is you


    children’s puzzle
    every corner of Australia
    in mind

    1. Your haiku on Love is absolutely wonderful and its space within the page is beautiful the way it reduces down to the beautiful and tender last line ‘is you’. The children’s puzzle is more of a puzzle itself, oblique, it takes me to finding corners for a jigsaw but then suggests something abstract in the final line, I would love to see a photograph with this of the puzzle and see it as a haiga. Children is also a little generic for me I want to picture someone a boy, a girl, a name, a baby…

  2. I love these little bite-sized ideas. When I am stuck I often revert to the good old spider diagram.
    Take a piece of blank paper, in the middle draw an oval shape big enough to contain the word/subject you want to start with, then you draw lines to represent the spider’s legs and add words or phrases the word/subject makes you think of. This spider can have as many legs as you like. Choose five of the best and then one of the five and go with it!
    One to do when you can’t walk in the fresh air. ❤👩‍🦰🧡

  3. I love Leonard Cohen and was writing these haikus for him based on the weekly theme of Birds. I referenced birds that Leonard Cohen referenced and designed this stream of haikus (using The Daily Haiku’s themes from Monday to Friday) to describe imagined incidents in an ongoing relationship. The stream had not reached its end by Friday’s mist so i added the three remaining birds.

    Weekly theme = Birds or flight. Daily themes = Happiness, yarn or home, red, roads, mist

    Birds Leonard referenced, Dove, Eagle, Vulture, Peacock, Sparrow, Robin, Hummingbird in song. Nice to have choices.

    There is also a Jim Morrison reference for those who know their American Prayer but should it have been a Bob Dylan reference. Should this link have been Dyonesian or associative, sex or roads? Edit or not edit. The choices we have to make.

    Haikus for Leonard

    Like birds on a wire
    Minims, crotchets on a stave
    My heart string singing

    For the house sparrow
    Tidying its egg filled nest
    A sweet song of love

    Sung on hotel beds
    Where we have collapsed entwined
    Fallen red plummage

    Vultures eat their fill
    Of the road kill that remains
    Leaves blood on the sheets

    The fanning peacock
    His pride displayed in conquest
    Unseen in the mist

    Unseen in the mist
    She snuggles up close to him
    Thinks her loves a dove

    No soaring eagle
    Gliding through ecstatic cloud
    Crying for himself

    Beating himself up
    As visible as the wings
    Of lost hummingbirds

  4. If Love were a season what would it be?
    Love is like springtime
    If you touched Love what would it feel like?
    A pussy willow catkin
    What does Love taste like if anything?
    Thirsting for water

    Where does Love live?
    Love lives in the woods
    Does Love have a colour?
    A youth first green then lusting
    What are Love’s best features?
    Dammed, ready to burst

    What isn’t Love?
    Love wasn’t winter
    What does Love do?
    Freezing over then thawing
    What doesn’t Love do?
    Wasting snow sculptures

    What does Love see?
    Love sees the sunrise
    Who are Love’s friends?
    Listens to the blackbirds song
    Where does Love want to go?
    Travels with music

    What does Love say if anything?
    Love speaks quietly
    If Love were an animal what would it be?
    Like well fed new born chicks sleep
    If Love were a smell what is it?
    Unfazed by day time

    If Love wanted to try something new what would it be?
    Love would grow feathers
    How does Love move (if at all)?
    And fledge and flap and then fly

    What does Love look like?
    Love is the mother hen
    How does Love feel?
    Proud of this newly hatched clutch

    Love life in springtime

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