Conversation 68: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Fran Lester


How wonderful it was to be invited into this lovely group by my dear friend Vivienne Tregenza a year ago . Vivienne and I are old school friends from my days in Truro, Cornwall. An opportunity to reconnect, share memories, stories, thoughts, our hearts through poetry

I currently live with my family in Western Australia (minus my son who’s living in London atm)
I consider myself to be a creative person, my background being in the arts – working as a classical musician , artist and teacher.
However, I have had no formal writing experience in poetry or haiku before this group .

In approaching writing a haiku – the daily theme is a good starting point triggering a memory or evoking a feeling .
I have a large collection of photographs and artwork collected over the years.
I marry the feeling evoked with the words and an image. All work together, all of equal importance.
A collaborative creative experience.
This method gives me the confidence to post my haiku in the most creative way I know.

The Daily Haiku has been a gentle, non-threatening introduction into writing – supported by my friend Vivienne and many many other members all encouraging and generous in their warmth and appraisals.
It’s been a privilege to have met such a wonderfully diverse talented group of artists / poets sharing their stories, experiences, the human condition.
To me, haiku has universal appeal, feels accessible to all .
It’s beauty lies in its simplicity and its zen-like quality .
For all it’s simplicity however, it has a long history and tradition.

Two recent posts which seem to have been enjoyed by the group are very much about being in the moment.

rain falls
softly – morning tea
at the window
dip quietly
into the night

20 Comments on “Conversation 68: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Fran Lester”

  1. Enjoyed seeing a summary of your experiences with, and feelings about, haiku, Fran. I remember both of those lovely poems! So glad we “met”!

  2. Hi Fran. Lovely to read about your background and feelings about haiku. I enjoy reading your work and I remember these recent ones too. Great to meet on here!

    1. Well Lori you know I’m a huge fan of your work so already feel I know you .. such is haiku xx Thankyou for commenting 🌹❣️🌹

  3. Wonderful!

    I found out, eventually, that my birth mother lived in Perth, WA and my new sister drives those huge mining trucks in Kalgoorlie! Got to meet my mom before she passed away, and had a great time.

    Love your haikai verses!
    warm regards,

    1. Wow Alan re your mum .. such a small world so glad you were able to reunite ❣️ Thankyou for commenting here lovely to meet you 😊

  4. I like these exemplars of your poetry very much and often notice your poetry as being particularly moving. We’re lucky to have you, Fran. 😊

  5. When one of your haiku with picture appears, I know it will be calming and lovely to read and look at … or a chuckle (the cat picture, lol). You show the sweetness, the beauty of life. Thank you for being here, Fran.

  6. One of those whose work I always look out for, Fran. I’m glad you chose those two, which work together so well with the images. And thank you for supporting my own attempts in this welcoming group!

    1. Thankyou Keith for your support guidance and gentle encouragement in my journey into haiku ❣️I feel honoured to be here reading your work and others wonderful poetry xx

  7. Lovely read and completely agree with your assessment of the warmth and welcoming nature of the group 🙂

    1. Thankyou ! Yes how lucky are we to have been invited into TDH – an experience I’ll never forget – in a year that’s been truly surreal and traumatic for so many xx

  8. It really warms my heart Fran that you have found TDH such a warm, nurturing community. Thank you to Vivienne for recommending you and so glad that you feel so connected on TDH. Your haiku are very beautiful, along with your images, you evoke a soft, quiet mood with these haiku that are meditative and thoughtful. Thank you for sharing your feelings here about writing, the group and of course your work.

  9. Your writing journey is very interesting to read, Fran. Thank you for sharing. I am a fan of putting photos and/or art with haiku and I love the way how yours marry up. Reading your haiku is always a pleasure. ❤👩‍🦰🧡🦊💛🌻

  10. Dear Fran,
    I haven’t looked at the interviews here for a few weeks…so missed this one!
    I am so glad I introduced you to the group as your short poems/haiku combined with a brilliant choice of artwork has inspired so many of us this year. You are a natural poet, you know….sensitive, artistic, life-affirming, warm…Thank you so much for your contributions to TDH they have enriched my life this year and I know I speak for many others in this respect.

  11. I always love reading your haiku and admire your writing in relation to the photos you post. Beautiful poetry always from your end… Keep them coming….

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