Conversation 72: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Smita Das


My name is Smita Das and I live in New Jersey ,USA.

I have accomplished my Masters Degree in Science. My hobbies are poetry writing bilingual- English and Hindi (which mainly attributes towards nature and  emotions). My poems were recognised and published by a large organization called BJANA which are based out of Edison, New Jersey. Other hobbies include traveling, painting and cooking various cuisines .


Approach to Haiku:

I had been thinking, in these busy times, when people don’t have enough time, ones’ communication should always be effective in some unique  way.

This motivated and inspired me to write haiku along with a picture presentation. As we all know visual effects and gingles are easily readable and easier to communicate and understand.

Also,the centuries old tradition of writing haiku should continue further.


Member of the TDH group:

This place is an art in itself. Being a member of this group, I feel the inclusiveness of diversity around the world. This is the place where you connect with people around the world knowing their thoughts, different perspective at looking things towards a particular topic.


Well being aspect:

Its like a healing group- where you not only pours out your emotions which helps a person to stabilize with their stress but also interact with each others well being.

Some humorous haiku makes you laugh which in turn relaxes your mind. Writing haiku also enhances one’s skills of creative writing.

This group is highly active and I enjoy doing haiku-ing and renga-ing .


Favorite Haiku:

Theme 1: Sound of Silence:

That heartbeat whispers

Cuddled in each other”s arm

Romance is brewing


Theme 2:  Women

She’s strong in herself

With emotions and patience

Bestows warmth and grace


Thank you so much everyone.


6 Comments on “Conversation 72: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Smita Das”

  1. I absolutely agree with you Smita about how haiku can be something we can fit into our busy lives. I too have been so excited to meet people from all over the world on this group and read their haiku. Thank you for sharing your own beautiful haiku and images here Smita and your kind words about the group which I too find very healing.

  2. Thank you so much Amanda for coming up with this wonderful opportunity to reflect our thoughts and feelings in a more elaborative manner. Not only reading each other’s haiku inspires and heals us but also reading through the interview journey connects us , inspires and motivates us.
    Its great to be part of TDH.
    Thank you Amanda !!

  3. It’s great to meet you, Smita Das. I agree with you, TDH is a great place to catch a glimpse at how our perspectives differ and, oftentimes, how they are the same. Your first haiku reminded me of a long-lost memory: My then-girlfriend, now-wife asleep in my arms, and me being kept awake by her breath and beating heart. Thank you. <3

  4. Hi Smita Das,
    I feel like I know a little more about you via this interview. Well done on achieving your Masters in Science. Do you ever write about Science in your poetry?
    I love the pictures you have chosen to go with your lovely haiku. I do hope you will keep writing with us. ❤👩‍🦰❤

  5. Hi Carolyn
    Thank you for your appreciation for my haiku and pictures. Well , I write more about nature and emotions, but never tried about writing in a scientific form.
    I will keep writing with you all.

  6. Hello Smita Das,
    Such a pleasure to read your interview now after having talked to you and laughed with you on our group zoom call. Thank you again for allowing me the honor of writing a haiku in response to the beautiful painting you shared. I look forward to reading more of your haiku.
    Wendy Blonde th

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