Conversation 84: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Catherine Brennan


Hi, I’m Catherine Brennan from Ireland.  I’m a visual artist, although I do have a “real job” too. My artistic journey started properly 3-4 years ago. My son died in infancy 18 years ago, quickly followed by miscarriage and stillbirth. I put my life on hold as I didn’t know how to live life anymore. Until I met a lady who told me to find something that I was passionate about. Art was always that but I’d never made the time for it. That meeting changed my world.

My writing happened by accident. At the start of Lockdown in 2020, I created a series of paintings based on an isolation I couldn’t even imagine. I suddenly had nowhere to go, nothing to do and no one to see.  I wrote a poem to go with those paintings and being a Capricorn ( workaholic) I started to look for artistic opportunities that I normally wouldn’t have time for. That poem was published as part of an online installation of photography  and written word, #thesilencecobh.  I found TDH at this time, I’m not sure how as I’d never heard of haiku. But the more verse I read, the more I loved. I love the thought, the words, the sentiment and the freedom and pace. I find myself now coming up with ideas even out shopping and have to stop and record them. I love the weekend Renga, for it’s pace. A quick thinking challenge.
Haiku makes me think concisely. It aids my art practice and my art work aids my writing. I love to incorporate painting and photography with it, as one. I’ve had haiku accepted by fellow TDH member Toyomi Iwawaki-Riebel  as part of an exhibition by artist Nickie Hayden, this was a proud moment. I lost an important friendship in January and I’m finding an outlet on haiku to focus my pain positively. I love the special bond with the TDH community, where you are noticed when you have missed a week. That’s special. These are some of my favorites, but I have so many I love.

6 Comments on “Conversation 84: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Catherine Brennan”

  1. I want to thank everyone in this group for your patience and encouragement. I love this community and love Haiku in whatever form that takes for anyone. Thanks Amanda for this interview and for your encouragement and also for setting up the TDH.

  2. Hi Catherine, people don’t always realise what toll grief can take on your life. I am so glad you are now combining art with haiku. I think they are made for each other.
    Thanks for doing an interview, it means we get to know you a little better. Your haiku have layers, I love that.

  3. Such a beautiful interview and so poignant, thank you for sharing Catherine such intimacies and sadness too. When I set up TDH I was very passionate about including images and video for members – you are a great advertisement for why this really is so important to our creativity. Haiku seems to be that small condensed moment where we can express our deepest feelings which can be extraordinary cathartic. It has taken me by surprise with my own haiku.

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