Conversation 95: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 5-18 June 2021

The last two weeks have seen our membership explode to now well over 9,000.  Can we really make 10,000! When I first set up the group back in March 2020 I joked after our first day and a handful of members that it we might! And here we are… So exciting with members from all over the world with top countries being UK, USA, Ireland, India and Australia. How wonderful to be spreading haiku love, getting people engaging with everyday creativity, sharing stories and making new friends.  I thank you all.
We also now have a team of moderators and admins from different time zones to help with the day to day business of TDH. Thank you to Keith Evetts, Wendy Houser Blomseth, Connie Pittman Ramsey, John Lanyon and Fran Lester. After our first team meeting on zoom we have added membership questions for new members to answer including affirming they accept a flexible approach to haiku which we hope will curtail any overt disagreements that occasionally pop up in the group.
As we move forwards I am keen to pursue the possibility of an anthology, competitions and more collaborations as we have had with Paper Nations including our stunning I EVEN DREAM IN HAIKU films.  Do add your ideas for where you want us to go as we grow. 
Do enjoy revisiting the eclectic themes from the last two weeks; showcase your favourites, write new haiku, reveal the bonus themes and share with friends who are not on social media. 

Daily Themes
















Bonus Themes


Old age


Weekly Themes

Musical Instruments

Start each haiku with WHEN


Seasonal Words

#15 Swim

#16 Summer


Slow Renga First Lines

When I first saw you


On ice…


A gentle touch


Shadows in the wind


Musical Themes

Morning has broken by Cat Stevens

Money by Pink Floyd



Thank you for your amazing contributions in response to a request for photographs for this haiga relating to our theme this week of BLUE. Do respond to the wonderful photographs featured in the link below. Write haiku inspired by what you see, thinking beyond the literal representations, by either choosing a stand-alone haiku or making a new image with a haiku written over it.
Thank you for the photographs featured from Margaret Deans Madeleine Basa Vinluan Helene Guojah Rosemary Hodi I Hope Renee Buccelli Vivien Eliades Hilary Stringer John Lanyon Jackie Walton Carolyn Crossley Elizabeth Tunstall Jennifer Gurney Sally Hammond
I would like to thank Sébastien Revon & Marion Clarke who have been instrumental in guiding this thread.
Read the blog on HAIGA – Where Image and Haiku Meet which includes insights and illuminating examples of photo haiku by Marion Clarke…/conversation-11-writing..

3 Comments on “Conversation 95: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 5-18 June 2021”

  1. Hi. Thank you for the tweets that give the themes, because I can never find on FB. As for tweeting, you you prefer a reply to the prompt or just a tweet tagging #dailyhaiku?

    Thank you!

  2. Some of my favourites from this time:

    a towering grief
    condolence cards mount up…
    still she cannot cry

    clouds undress
    sky skinny dips

    why does he choose
    this pebble to throw
    and not another?

    evening walk
    clouds reflect in a still sea
    still my own brief path

    time to paint toes
    fold away winter coats
    slip through summer breeze

    here comes the summer
    semaphore of foxgloves
    pub gardens bursting

    busy at the beach
    divers, sleepers, toe dippers
    swim to the surface

    a silent tuning
    orchestrates the day

    una ciotola
    il mare si riempie
    di sole
    I think in English
    a bowl
    the sea fills with
    the sun

    she likes soft lighting
    prefers sunset at sunrise
    keeps mist in her eyes

    this day ends
    we take time to watch sun set
    hope to rise again

    agapanthus blooms
    your favourites – I replay
    a final phone call

    each year the bluebells
    seem to fade earlier – our
    children return less

    almost rain
    an uncertainty
    starts an argument

    the robin and I outside
    a closed cafe

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