Haikus on Covid 19

Writer Biography
Subitha is a Sri Lankan woman, living joyfully in Bristol since 1999. Subitha has also lived in Saudi Arabia with her family. Her memoir of this experience, The Colours of Sand, was published in 2012. Motherhood, her Buddhist faith, race and gender equality activism all influence her poetry.

My professional and voluntary work aims to shine a light on inequalities particularly based on gender and ethnicity. Nurtured by my Buddhist faith, I believe each small action makes a difference. Writing is one way I take care of myself amid the hurly-burly of activism, as well as being a tool I use to encourage scrutiny and change.

Voiced by Subitha Baghirathan

Director Biography
Professor Bambo Soyinka is an award-winning writer, director and immersive story developer. With more than a decade’s experience in multi-platform storytelling and production, she has initiated and directed projects across the UK and internationally. Bambo is Professor of Story at Bath Spa University and Chair of the Research Centre for Transcultural Creativity and Education. She conceived and founded Paper Nations in 2015. Bambo is the Director/Principal Investigator of “Bulletins from the Edge”.

“All of the films in “Bulletins from the Edge” are the outcome of a three-way conversation between the creative production team, the writer, and me. Some of the films were quick and easy to make. We were able to intuitively ‘tune in’ to each other and we reached a shared vision that we were all happy with. Other films took much longer to make and required several conversations with the writer, sometimes leading to an extended back-and-fore process with the editorial team before we settled on a joint approach.”

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