Conversation 2: Are you a TREE or a LEAF? Haiku Workshop

Are you a TREE or a LEAF?

Are you a TREE or a LEAF?

I wanted to share a creative writing workshop I run with diverse groups including people who have never written before and those already writing – Are you a TREE or a LEAF? referenced in my first blog post here. It ends with a haiku and was the inspiration, together with photography and art workshops as routes into writing, that encouraged me to set up THE DAILY HAIKU. 

After answering the questions below, gather your answers, choose your favourites, edit, change, play with them and put them into a haiku or two or three to share here…

You can also expand the workshop by sketching trees, leaves, gathering leaves, taking photographs, taking a walk outside and seeing what you find. 

Are you a TREE or a LEAF?

What sort of tree or leaf are you, describe your shape, colour, size and if known species?

Where do you live? (eg, garden, indoor, park or wild wood, forest)?

What can you see around you in your habitat?

What time of year is it, describe the weather?

What other natural plants do you like (eg, flowers, grasses etc)?

What can you smell?

How do you feel if touched, describe your texture?

What happens to you?

Do you have a secret?

What creatures do you like that visit you?

What do you worry about?

If you could speak what would you say if anything?

What is your deepest desire?

How do you feel as a tree or a leaf, describe your emotions? @amandawhite10 


3 Comments on “Conversation 2: Are you a TREE or a LEAF? Haiku Workshop”

  1. Autumn sycamore
    Red veins spread on white pavement
    Fallen from the tree

    Walkers crushing feet
    Pressed without breath to concrete
    Into early frosts

    I should have been a tree
    Stood outside with the smokers
    Not a fallen leaf

    Held down by dampness
    Waiting for the winds release
    Wonder why I left

    Squirrels for rabbits
    When will I ever return
    Is my death assured

    Will I stay silent
    When love is within reach
    The grounds touch is cold

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