Conversation 100: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Hla Yin Mon


When Amanda asked me to contribute to this interview thread I was at first reluctant to take part because I felt I had no great achievements to show due to our unsettled childhood and teenage years, following my father around as a diplomat, our education disrupted, with self studying for most of the later years. We improved our English by reading books, also learning and singing songs and self study only. But I have been encouraged to share my story here.


My last employment was at the Embassy of Japan, Yangon, Myanmar, which was my longest employment tenure. I was first assigned to the Economic section and this lasted for ten years. Although I was happy working there, due to policy requirements, I was transferred to the Information and Culture section. I survived here for only two years since and unlike my former work it involved in-office as well as out of office duties all year round. As I was nearing the menopause, alongside being stressed and burnt out, I decided to quit as it was affecting my health and wellbeing.


After taking some online courses I went to Singapore to try to get a job. Although immediately recruited the Ministry of Labour didn’t approve my work permit. So back to Myanmar I came, and my former boss took me on for some short term contracts. After that I was recruited by another diplomatic mission but also only for a six months contract. A very difficult time followed when after three years of job searching as I was approaching 50 I was unable to find employment. Due to my deteriorating health I decided to retire and live quietly on my savings. But for three more years I did find some freelance translating work until I retired totally to live a quiet life.


I kept myself busy exercising and doing some crocheting, with the aim of helping abused girls, however this did not get a good response and I had to stop to get an eye operation. After that, came the Covid lockdowns. Then I found The Daily Haiku, by coincidence starting with a Haiku shared by my brother. At the Cultural section I had heard of Basho sensei’s frog, jump, pond then silence Haiku…It had been etched in my mind, but I had never had the time to explore haiku further.


I am not a writer but have an interest in art works especially sketches mixed with a love for embroidery and crochet as well as sporting activities. As I am a sports person it’s hard to be grounded by this depletion of hormones…something which can’t be treated here. I do enjoy singing and like beautiful song lyrics. So that’s the way I found TDH and got hooked, due to it’s short, thought provoking features and calming nature.


Due to my post MP severe hot flushes I struggle with concentration and energy levels. I live alone now, since all my siblings are married with their own lives, I have been excessively sweating for over thirteen years now and I feel myself with less energy every passing year, particularly in the summer months.


So that’s about it Ms. Amanda. All my life I have been overloaded with house chores and office work throughout the week with no time for any other engagement to enjoy my life. I am a very sport loving person and now I am unable to pursue that part of my life as I once did. That’s why I love The Daily Haiku which is light and fun, just enough for my health situation, especially in the warm family atmosphere. I am really indebted to you and fortunate to have found TDH.


As for using photos and images that I find on the internet, (due to the fact that we are not fortunate to have lovely nature around us) it is to help me imagine my thoughts. I think the images do get an added attention, as the photos are also attractive. I usually ask the page or photographer for permission prior to posting, whether legally required or not; and never use any if I don’t get permission. I use the free images from pages like Unsplash or Pixabay just for fun and as accompaniments to my haiku. But looking to the future with my haiku I want to aim to work hard to create a perfect haiku without an image such as those I have read from Mr Summers and Mr Keith and other great poets.


Here is a selection of my haiku.


face to face

on the crowded bus

a marriage


a snake

on moonlit lake

shimmering gold


a lotus

through mud and sludge

flower moon


romantic moonlight
the cause for tears that won’t fall
shadows holding on


painting rolling waves

a starling murmuration

time to return home

alone with the roots
reflections stilled in colours
awaits a ripple
#Photo Courtesy of John Frie @ Unique Trees





21 Comments on “Conversation 100: THE DAILY HAIKU Interviews: Hla Yin Mon”

  1. Hla Yin Mon thank you for your openness to share your personal story, struggles with your health which I am sure many of us will relate to here on TDH and your joyous haiku. Your haiku have such composure and philosophical weight, they still the moment and the thoughts with their exquisite choice of words. I love the captured moment of ‘face to face…’ so poignant and filmic. Each haiku here has a wonderful balance and juxtaposition. I look forward to reading many more of your haiku in the future and thank you for your engagement on TDH.

    1. Dear Ms.Amanda,

      Thank you again Ms Amanda, for this opportunity to open up up my humble story and ge to know many poeple of high calibre and warm hearts.

      I want to thank you again for a new found hobby, photography. Following Mr. Summer’s advice, to use own photo,vI am now finding joy in taking photos with whatever I have around me. I thank all at the wonderful TDH♥!!!

      Sincere warm regards

      Hla Yin Mon

  2. Thank you so very much Ms. Amanda, for a chance to speak about myself and my growing love for Haiku, which TDH encourages with a watm family atmosphere, ans with so many great poets around. I feel I am indebted for their inputs and feedbacks and the information shared with kindess. And also, to the kind members who, support and encourages me to go with this daily joy.

    Thank you again Ms. Amanda and every member at the Daily Haiku♥!

    Hla Yin Mon

  3. It’s a delight to see you taking the art seriously and making such progress, Hla Yin Mon. These haiku/senryu are getting to be lovely.

    My first job abroad was in the Culture and Information section of an embassy, so I know exactly what you mean! I had to organise British Film Week in Warsaw…. absolute hell, though funny stories afterwards….

    1. I am so glad to hear that you can understand me…the Japanese nationals are very hard working, resilient and systematic too. I learnt a lot by working there but alas, my health.
      But now that I have found TDH and all the experienced poets I am happy to be here with all the support and encouragement of modrrators like you, Ms. Jenny, and Ms. Wendy and all members who chip in their thoughts.

      I must also take this opoortunity to thank the photograpers who share their cherished work for us to enjoy writing Haiku.

      Thank you everyone…hope we can all enjoy our mements at TDH♥!!!

      1. I am honoured to have the chance to know great poets of high calibre and through TDH, and always grateful for your kind words of advice and feedbacks. Thanking you also for sharing your knowlege and reading articles. Hope you you will always give words of advice,
        With high regards,

  4. Great to hear your back story Hla. Always welcome your poems and your comments.

    You have a natural funny bone.

    Keep the poetry comin’

    Take care

    1. Thank you Mr. Damien, for your support and encouragment. TDH gives us energy to go on, to take it easy everyday. Love your sense of humour too. So let’s just keep on Haiku-ing♥!

  5. Dear Hla Yin Mon,

    Thank you for mentioning me. Haiku is a wonderful challenge especially if we continue to be students of this particular poetic genre. I love the challenge, and it keeps me on my toes!

    warm regards,


    Alan Summers
    founder, Call of the Page

  6. I am honoured to have the chance to know great poets of high calibre and through TDH, and always grateful for your kind words of advice and feedbacks. Thanking you also for sharing your knowlege and reading articles. Hope you you will always give words of advice,
    With high regards,

  7. What a wonderfully honest interview. You have a very special talent and I look forward to reading your sensitive words here.
    Over here in Ireland I have become involved with The Lafcadio Hearn Japanese Gardens, and I am busily exploring the work of this remarkable Irish man who made such an impact on Japanese culture. I wonder if you came across his story in your time in Japan?

    1. Dear Mr. Stan,

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I am an honest person,(and like “Honesty” by Billy Joel too😁)too, and honesty gets me into trouble most times. A bitter lesson learnt.

      While employed at the Japanese Embassy, I got to know the hard working Japanese nationals ans some of their culture but never had an opportunity to set a foot on the great land. So I am sorry to say I haven’t heard oy your great Irish garden creator.

      I love reading your gentle poems and will continue to do so,

      Nice to know you Mr. Stan,

      Hla Yin Mon

    1. Thank you, David for your kind words, hope we can friends on the sailing cruise ship TDH, touching hearts, as we near our final destination.

      Warm regards,

      Hla Yin Mon

  8. Your work is exquisite and I enjoyed hearing more about you and then reading your lovely haiku! Thank you for being so open in your interview! Inspiring to this fellow walker on the path!!!!

    1. Dear Collette,

      I am terribly humbled that I inspire some one who is a native speaker of my self taught second language. But happy to know all the kind members of this wonderful group. Nice to have frienfs along our travels on this Haiku cruise ship, The Daily Haiku, touching hearts along the shores of many countries. I love the Creator Ms. Amanda, and feel indebted to her for all joy I feel, not overstating to say replacing all joys missed at youth. Nice to know you too as a co-traveller, let’s meet every morning on the deck,♥!

      Hla Yin Mon

  9. Dear Mr. Summers,

    I am the one who must thank you, for all your precious words of advice and knowledge shared with such kindness. I an highy honoured to get to know great poets of high calibre like you and Mr. Keith and all members of TDH who are so talented in their writings. You all are inspsiring to me, just a firefly in the moment, to go on flasing moment to moment.

    Thanking you again sincerely,

    With much respect,

    Hla Yin Mon

  10. Dear Hla Yin Mon,
    I always look for your haiku as I enjoy them very much. Your story touched me very much and I am so sorry you are suffering with menopause.

    Are you able to obtain Evening Primrose tablets? They can be very helpful with rebalancing your body.

    If you are unable to get some because of the situation in Myanmar, could I send you some? Are you able to receive parcels from the UK? Please let me know on messenger and I will send you some. Take care my friend, Carolyn ❤❤❤

  11. Dear Yin Mon,
    such an interesting interview, thank you! it helps that you’re willing to be so open and transparent.
    so sorry to hear about your health problems… Post-menopausal problems respond very well to acupuncture, but i don’t know how available that is in Myanmar… sorry I’m not nearer!
    take care and keep writing –
    Xx Penny

  12. Hello Ms. Carolyn,

    I just read your comment and I so glad to know your kind nature and gesturem offering to send evening primrose from UK. Thank you. Ms. Carolyn, in the earlier days I have tried it, but didn’t cool me any better so I stopped taking them. What to do, I just take as it’s part of my life and TOUCH WOOD, I am not suffering from cancer or anything. Just counting the blessings and smelling the roses along the way together with the darn thing of course😁!!!

  13. Hi. Ms. Penny,

    Thank you for reading and commenting so kindly on my interview. Yes, it’s annoying the health situation because you are fit in every otherway, TOUCH WOOD, no diabetes yet. or severe heart or liver, or kidney problems, only this heat has forbbiden me frim doing anything else. But in long term it does effect the heart. One of my cousin sisters tried accupunture and on HRT, abroad. And feels great now over seventy. But had a minor lump which had to operated, the side effects of HRT.
    Any how, I take things as they come and try to work out a response. Restricted to the home of course. Thank you again Ms. Penny for being a friend.

    Warm regards,

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