Conversation 23: WRITE HAIKU: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 16-22 January 2021

Mountains covered in snow

This week on THE DAILY HAIKU the following themes produced many poignant haiku. Do enjoy being inspired by these themes to produce new haiku and/or post old ones.  3 lines, 5/7/5 syllables is as always a guide not a rule and do add photographs, artwork, music, sketches….

Explore sharing our emotions in the recent blog post TO GUSH OR NOT TO GUSH

Have a go at the fun workshop GETTING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR FEELINGS? to produce poetry and haiku and share it with anyone who has never written poetry before because it always produces surprising and inspiring results.

Weekly Theme: HANDS



Musical prompt: BLACKBIRD by the Beatles








First line renga lines to start haiku with ‘Waxing and Waning’ and ‘Lost on the same path’

First posting of a new feature to share a video of a walk #WalkWithMe for people to respond to with a haiku and share their own walk videos which can prompt haiku in turn – could this be called Vaiku?


Creativity continues to help me through as January can be a tough time and this year not least with lockdowns and the ongoing worldwide challenges of Covid19.

Some haiku advice from Margaret Kiernan and Tom Fox members of THE DAILY HAIKU:

Margaret Kiernan

Writing haiku is not difficult. It concentrates your mind. It suits very well the elements of Nature. 5 7 5 syllables, to start with. You can study the form. Give it a bash. It is the year to be exceptional.

Tom Fox

My advice, other than to enjoy the process,would be to observe. Observe again. Record that observation. It’s the small ordinary detail that can make the bigger picture. Oh and enjoy the journey of making the haiku as much as the finished product.

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18 Comments on “Conversation 23: WRITE HAIKU: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 16-22 January 2021”

  1. Favourite haiku of mine from the week:

    old notebooks
    broken bags of words carried
    from place to place

    our first newborn touch
    her tiny hand in mine
    my own mother’s smile

    let’s make marmalade
    murder this afternoon
    rather than ourselves

    lost on the same path
    gathering stones to take home
    fossils in our eyes

    every shoreline
    nudges me back to childhood
    dens dug from sand

    magpies and pennies
    granny’s sayings mark my luck
    seen and passed on

    night broken by day
    pieces of sky sea field me
    looking for corners

    beachcombing Priest’s Cove
    shape of cold stone in my hand
    sudden tide of tears

    no more words
    light from your dying eyes
    holds me still

    1. If I had to choose the favourite from my sequence it would be:

      no more words
      light from your dying eyes
      holds me still

    1. Love this haiku Sébastien. I am right there in the field noticing the absence of crows, the hard ground, winter… soooo evocative

    2. Love this haiku, Sébestien, it’s very evocative of a winter scene. Some people think crows are harbingers of death, so no crows to me seems like an encouraging sign. I look.for them everywhere in these times of a pandemic.

  2. It’s unusual for us to have much snow in Wirral , this haiku from when it came suddenly yesterday

    Lying in the snow
    Blue sky, winter clouds heavy
    Ice melts in my hand

  3. My favourite haiku of this week

    I held your hand child
    Till finger by sad finger
    The bond was broken.

    Small snow came today
    Briefly turning the world white
    Gone now, just echoes

    Life’s endless voyage
    To find one person with whom
    Silence is enough.

  4. A difficult task, indeed. Lots of good ones.

    I´ll take the next one by Annie Wilson:

    mother’s pearl necklace
    scatters across the floor
    snowdrops dot the lawn

  5. My favourites of mine this week:

    Gran’s arthritic hands
    Prominent veins and wrinkles
    My hands now, I smile

    Broken heart repaired
    Finally believed in self
    A light bulb moment
    Six years later met Barry
    Gold embedded in the cracks

    Theme: pennies
    One on each dead eye
    Stops them opening again
    Pays the ferryman

    Jumping in the waves
    Mum dries us, teeth chattering
    Horlicks in the caff

    Last few persimmons
    hang forlornly from the tree
    Food for the warblers

  6. From mine this week:

    this winter night
    the branch where the blossom was
    now bears a moon
    and the haiku-form sequence (one of about four this week):

    there is no word
    for the song of a blackbird
    it is just heard

    a waste of time
    to describe a kingfisher
    the bird’s the poem

    and to soar
    simply write the word eagle
    nothing more

    green is grass
    blue the sky or sea – what else
    stillness, glass

    cold – frost will do
    warmth, morning sun, a bowl of soup
    in an igloo

    one thing whereof
    one word and only one is right
    and that is love

  7. The memorable week in the United States with the inauguration of President Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Kamala D. Harris inspired these two haiku:

    once prize of the past
    now a sign of sisterhood
    pearls, out of their shell

    needle and thread sews
    tears in fabric of the land
    stitch it together

    in still of the night
    tap tap tap and click click click
    composing haiku

    both our left hands meet
    on top of his right shoulder
    right-hand travels free
    we will miss this when alone
    widows’ and widowers’ tears

  8. and mine too

    These Old Hands

    These hands these fingers
    What they didn’t do before
    Becoming broken

    The pennies I made
    Horseshoe-ing horses
    Provided no winter warmth

    It was colder then
    In those far off days
    But they leave a rosy glow

    Remembered today
    In chair, with pipe, worn slippers
    In front of the fire

    A peaceful old man
    Who would have played piano
    If he only could

    All he ever learned
    Was the musical cadence
    Shouting rag and bone

    Its a romanticised picture of some aspects of my Dad.

  9. The Best of my haiku – last week (16th – 22nd Jan 2021)

    The Daily Haiku – 302nd Theme, Light.

    Love and light is all
    that we need to lift us up,
    when we’re down and out.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    The Daily Haiku – 303rd Theme, Tears.

    Tears are only shed on
    anniversaries, but he
    remains in my heart.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021

    The Daily Haiku – 36th Weekly Theme, Hands 3.

    Soda farls, white or wheaten, smothered in butter,
    child’s hands grab Barmbrack.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021

    The Daily Haiku – 307th Theme, Peace.

    I love the peace and
    quiet of my Covid days,
    just me, and my cats.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    The Daily Haiku – 30th Slow Renga.

    lost on the same path,
    the hand of fate brought us here,
    we should join forces.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    The Daily Haiku – 308th Theme, Music

    troubled minds are soothed
    by music, eclectic tastes,
    embalming the soul.

    ©🦊VixenOfVerse, 2021.

    Xxx ❤👩‍🦰🧡🦊💛xxX

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