As we start our celebrations for our first birthday at THE DAILY HAIKU central to our community is Everyday Creativity. I am passionate about creativity. It makes a difference to my life on a personal level and is part of my wellbeing. For me it isn’t an abstract force but an essential one. But I am very aware that not everyone feels this or can access or value creativity in their lives. Also creativity can be sidelined, available to some and not others and something we experience and understand only through the arts.


Voluntary Arts addressed ‘The Growth in Interest in Everyday Creativity’ in their regular #CreativeNetwork session as the organisation embraces its own 30th Anniversary celebrations. This inspiring discussion was framed by The The Warwick Commission’s 2015 final report, Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth.  Overriding themes revolved around: How are we valuing, supporting and nurturing creativity? Is everyday creativity becoming fashionable?  How are we tackling mental health concerns in delivering creative activities?


There is always more that can be done to ensure creativity is central to any education programme and recognised as a skill to be nurtured within all subjects. Also people need to be made to feel more confident in their creativity. But I am excited by the fact that creativity continues to be a valued force in itself with the added evidence around its wellbeing benefits. What I hope is that Everyday Creativity is for Everybody.

How important is Everyday Creativity to you?

What does Everyday Creativity mean to you?






Get Creative: /

Cultural Value Project

The Warwick Commission Enriching Britain: Culture, Creativity and Growth

Voluntary Arts

Big Conversation Results 2020 from Voluntary Arts  demonstrating the resilience of everyday creativity in difficult times

‘Common Ground: Rewilding the Garden’ which examines how creative activity is supported in areas of socio-economic deprivation across the UK and Republic of Ireland:

King’s College London’s Towards Cultural Democracy report

Understanding Everyday Participation:

Fun Palaces:

Science Ceilidh:

Aunty Social:

Culture Wellbeing Scotland:

Centre for Cultural Value:

The most recent outputs on arts engagement from the UK Gov’s Taking Part survey is here:

All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing – ‘Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing’:

Voluntary Arts is working with UCL and other partners on this research project looking at the effects of participation in cultural activities and other activities during the pandemic:

One Comment on “Conversation 59: CELEBRATING EVERYDAY CREATIVITY”

  1. Everyday Creativity has been an essential part of my mental health and coping with chronic pain on a daily basis. It is a wonderful distraction technique for both my mental and physical health.
    It also allows me to access painful emotions and feelings and in the safe place that is TDH I am able to express them in haiku. Every syllable counts, so concentration and problem solving also come into the creative process.
    I like the guidance of prompts, they stimulate the brain and memory to link in with them.
    I reproduce all my haiku on my blog as well as TDH and add to that my Daily Affirmations, Gratitude Journal, Good Vibes which are inspiring quotes and various other form poems like Tanka, Shadorma, Triolet, Free Verse, Quatrains and more it is no wonder I now have 578 followers and have made 1,976 posts since 02/04/2020! Everyday Creativity Enriches Everyday Life! ❤👩‍🦰🧡🦊💛🐝

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