Conversation 79: WHAT’S YOUR STORY TODAY? Workshop


WHAT’S YOUR STORY TODAY? is an invitation to share your daily feelings, thoughts, observations and ideas in haiku form as a creative diary. This is a link to the video presentation for this activity which has been created for the current STAY AT HOME LITERARY FESTIVAL #SAHLF2021

& on TikTok (a 1st for me!!)


To inspire you, think about gathering ideas together by answering any of these questions and see where they take you?


  • How are you feeling today describe that emotion as a colour, taste, weather condition, smell, place?


  • Choose three things in your home that mean something to you and describe them, maybe draw or photograph them too?


  • Where would you like to be right now, describe a favourite place real or imagined?


  • What are you dreaming about doing today, this can be something you wish you could do but can’t, something you miss doing or something you have always wanted to do – let your imagination fly!


  • Who would you most like to see today and why?


  • What have you done today, describe that journey, walk, job, activity, daydream… again use images too if you wish?


  • Describe what you see outside your window, maybe take a photo or video too?


  • What do you see when you look in the mirror?


  • Find a keepsake, hold it, close your eyes and describe where this takes you?

With each question, write down your ideas – you can also draw or take a photograph or a video too.  Condense your ideas to fit into a haiku of 3 lines where the first line is made up of 5 syllables the middle 7 syllables and a final line of 5 syllables but this is a guideline not a rule and less is also welcome eg lines of 3/5/3 syllables.


Share your haiku here in comments below and/or on THE DAILY HAIKU and to take part in the STAY AT HOME LITERARY FESTIVAL use the hashtag #SAHLF2021 via social media.  Individual question prompts are also on Instagram with the handle @stayathomelitfest and for TikTok it’s @stay_at_home_lit_fest

Another link to the presentation



5 Comments on “Conversation 79: WHAT’S YOUR STORY TODAY? Workshop”

  1. What’s My Story
    As blue as techno
    Pulsing machine beats
    Throwing in celtic chanteuse

    As veiled as Enya
    On the Orinoco
    Protected by mosquito bites

    Our creams and powders
    In the pink bathroom
    Still waiting to be applied

    After the hot tub
    Where I lie and dream
    Of far distant geographies

    Before drying off
    The bed holds more dreams
    Of friends meeting to party

    Work mates meet old mates
    From different places
    Coming together
    Down at the doctors
    With fresh milk and alcohol
    Everyone feels good
    We go to Tulse Hill
    To talk Red Hand Files
    The words of a songwriter

    Who thinks he Elvis
    Only much darker
    And free of no auction block

    So we become free
    Free at last. Free, free
    We always wanted to be

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