Conversation 98: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 19 June – 2 July 2021


We are now a Private but Visible Facebook Group.  This helps us thrive as a more intimate and focused group where we hope people feel more supported when they post, especially those doing so for the first time.  It also helps those who want to publish their haiku/other writing in journals that ask that their work has not been shared in a public group.  Thank you for supporting these changes.


We teeter on the brink of almost making 10000 members which I am beyond excited about.  My passion for creating an invitational space in which people can create, connect and thrive seems to be striking a real chord with everyone across the world.  I think, as many of you have commented before, TDH appeals by having a daily prompt that is easy to engage with that is accessible for diverse groups either newbies or experienced or returning writers too and can fit into busy schedules or last as long as you want it too. My interview about TDH with Bambo Soyinka the director of Paper Nations goes into more detail about TDH and its mission so do please read if you haven’t already.


Field Notes on Writer Development: Is Haiku Your Cup of Tea?


Thank you to Arthur Chappell for suggesting a new thread which started two weeks ago and is now after polling our new Weekly Photo Prompt.  Do keep adding photographs to our image bank in Announcements.


Here is our regular two weekly round-up of themes and prompts for you to enjoy all over again, showcase your favourites, share new and encourage friends who might not be able to engage with TDH on social media to do so here.


Daily Themes:








A Light









Impromptu Themes

Father for Father’s Day 20th June 2021

Summer Solstice for 21st June 2021


Bonus Themes




Weekly Themes:




Seasonal Words:

#17 Barefoot

#18 Parasol

Photograph Prompt

Thank you to Arthur Chappell for suggesting this thread.

For our Photo #1 I chose Leslee Hackenson‘s beautiful photograph of a stream








For our Photo #2 Will Ford chosen by Wendy Houser Blomseth










Musical Themes

Hurt by Johnny Cash

No Regrets/Non, Je ne regrette rien by Edith Piaf and

Slow Renga

the slow path


photos in a drawer


friday nights


from my window



Thank you for your amazing contributions in response to a request for photographs for this haiga relating to our theme of ORANGE. Do respond to the wonderful photographs featured here. Write haiku inspired by what you see, thinking beyond the literal representations, by either choosing a stand-alone haiku or making a new image with a haiku written over it.
Thank you for the photographs featured here to
I would like to thank Sébastien Revon & Marion Clarke who have been instrumental in guiding this thread.
Read the blog on HAIGA – Where Image and Haiku Meet which includes insights and illuminating examples of photo haiku by Marion Clarke…/conversation-11-writing..


3 Comments on “Conversation 98: THE DAILY HAIKU Themes 19 June – 2 July 2021”

  1. My heart is breaking
    At the kindness you’ve shown
    To this blue planet

    Turned into kindling
    By two London based Folkies
    The piano burns

    I came from somewhere
    That I’ve since moved away from
    Carry it with me

    It’s light on my back
    Like a rucksack made of lace
    Blowing in the wind

    I stand in the rain
    With no umberella
    I regret nothing

    Its not what it was…
    Not what it was when…
    When what was… what… when

    1. Beautiful Richard love ‘a rucksack made of lace’ and standing in the rain with no umbrella – perfect example of no regrets

  2. Some of my favourites from this time

    each morning
    making our bed – I smooth each
    wrinkle lovingly

    when I cannot see
    the moon remember the child
    knows it’s hiding

    a new father
    holds his son’s foot in his hand
    strokes the life he made

    summer solstice
    years hinge on portions of
    darkness and light

    ‘I wos here’
    in caves, bark, desks and still
    proof can’t match the stars

    skinny dipping
    moonlight skin
    a kimono

    leaving the beach
    high tide swallows footprints
    – were we really there….

    I am a keepsake
    my father chose to forget
    lost in a drawer

    after the rain
    we pause to smell the sweet peas
    I become a child

    fragile seasons shift
    foxgloves shed their petals – then
    a single magpie…

    too much – too little
    sheltering from sun or rain
    our goldilocks lives

    early morning sun
    beginnings and endings
    of memory

    early morning sun
    I welcome you or is it
    the other way round

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